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Some By Mi Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum 50ml

By, Some By Mi

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[ Main Point_01 ]

Mucin Cica Power_Repair Solution

[ Main Point_02 ]

Cool fresh texture!_Airy-light Repair Serum

[ Main Point_03 ]

Contains naturally-derived ingredients_comfortable on sensitive skin

[ Snail Mucin that Boosts Skin Repairing ]

Snail farm owners in Chile in the 1980s experienced and explained that their scar recovered fast without any side effect A dermatologist named Fernando Bascunan analyzed this carefully and found that mucin, the snail's slime which generates when snail is hurt, can regenerate snail's damaged skin cells and broken shell.

[ But why among many snails, the "Black Snail"? ]

Black Snail's mucin holds the unbeatable life energy up to 6 month to last through the winter sleep.

SOME BY MI sticks to using only Black Snail among many snails.

> Details above describe ingredient nature.


[ Damage repair, Healthy rebuild ]

Miracle repair solution

capturing the magic of "Black Snail"

Miracle Repair → The Ultimate Repair Solution (Repairing Dark Spots and Weak Skin Barrier)

Super Light → Airy-Light Touch On Skin (Non-sticky Fresh and Light Texture)

somebymi truecica snail serum

[ Black Snail's Outstanding Mucin Power ]

Natural Protein (→ Helps Skin Repair)

Elastin (→ Helps Improve Skin Resilience)

Collagen (→ Helps the Pore Care)

Glycolic Acid (→ Helps Control Excess Oil)

Allantoin (→ Helps with Skin Soothing)

* Details above describe ingredient nature.

[ Comfortable on sensitive skin_Contains naturally derived ingredients ]

somebymi snail repair serum

somebymi snail repair serum

somebymi snail repair serum

Sage Extracts

# Herbalmedine

# Sensitive Skin Soothing

Soothing effect on damage-started skin barrier

* Detail above describe ingredient nature.

Willow Bark Extract

# Naturally-derived BHA

# Dead Skin Cells Care

Melting care of dead skin cells make sure Snail Trucica's active ingredient absorb well into skin

* Detail above describe ingredient nature.


# Moisturization

# Barrier Fortifying

Skin barrier fortifying ingredient to protect arid sensitive skin

* Detail above describe ingredient nature.

somebymi snail serum

[ How to Use ]

After the use of toner, apply serum across the face and let it absorb.

TIP (→ Apply multiple layers of moisture serum based on your skin type.)

somebymi snail repair serum

[ Recommend ]

My skin turned dry and rough from irritation.

I think my skin pores are getting wider.

Skin became more sensitive due to external irritants and stress.

I have oily skin outside but dry skin inside.

I am looking for a matte fresh serum that in non sticky.

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